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We will confirm all online deposition requests at the time of the request.  There will also be a confirmation the day before the deposition. If the deposition is scheduled to take place in less than 24 hours or if you encounter any problems using this form, please call us!

Records Order Request

The following is required for a Records Request:
  • Records Order Request Part 1 (Request Information)
  • Records Order Request Part 2 (Custodian Information)
  • Certification of Satisfactory Assurance or HIPPA Authorization

Step 1 - Request Information

Step 2 - Custodian Information

* For Additional Custodians, please email depos@abilenecourtreporters.net.

Step 3 - Certification of Satisfactory Assurance or HIPPA Authorization

Download and return this form to depos@abilenecourtreporters.net:
Certification of Satisfactory Assurance
OR Email a HIPPA Authorization form to depos@abilenecourtreporters.net

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